Sunday Visiting

English: I took this photo of a Lord's Day.

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While growing up it was common to spend Sundays visting with family and/or friends. The routine usually was to go to church, come home and change, and then off to grandma’s or an aunt or uncle’s house for dinner. Then it was time for play or visiting with friends afterwards. I miss those times of community and family gathering.  There is something to be said for sitting at one table for a meal, sharing stories, and reflecting on the week. The point is to do something together – to take time out of the busy week to share one afternoon or evening with others.

I have become more deliberate about sharing a meal at my house at least once a month. Do you miss the real connection – not just technology connection – real engagement with others? Think about offering a meal in your home. It’s a kindness that will make all the difference in the world to you and those you invite!

*A side note: As I was researching for the right photo to use, it was difficult to find a picture of eating together that wasn’t a) ancient!; b) a restaurant photo; or c) a holiday photo. That, to me, says something very sad about our society.  Make a change and make regular meal-gathering a part of your routine!  Share your comments on facebook…


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