Random Acts


…Two, in fact!  It’s amazing what we see when we are willing and ready to open our eyes to the world in need around us.  I was driving through downtown, on the way home from a hair appointment. The main boulevard through the city is always filled with homeless (or so it appears) who are pan-handling for “Anything Helps” handouts.  I was stopped at the light and noticed one young woman on my driver side of the car, not really looking like she belonged to the usual homeless population – maybe one of the Occupy protesters. Another, younger woman, perhaps a student, was crossing in front of my car and had made it almost all the way to the curb, when I saw her turn around and run back to the other. She handed the woman a granola bar, then proceeded on her way.  I thought to myself, how nice of her to stop and really go out of her way to help – even if it was only a few steps.

About two blocks later, as the light was turning green, someone in a box truck ahead of me motioned to an older, obviously homeless man. The old guy ran across a couple of lanes to get what I thought would be a dollar bill – the usual handout. As I saw him turn and run back to his curb, he was carrying a sack with a styrofoam box in it. The driver gave this man his lunch.

I was truly touched by both of these acts of kindness, not for just helping these two people, but the way in which these others gave. They gave up something that was going to sustain them, in preference for the sustenance of another.  What a beautiful act to witness – twice in one day!  Dear God, please bless these two givers today!

“In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.”

~ Mother Teresa



  1. It is easy to forget that there are so many good people in this world with all of the negative images the media slams us with on a daily basis. It is nice to see someone remembering to stop and look for the good in people. I love the Mother Teresa quote.

    • Agree! I am hoping this blog will inspire others to look for ways to be kind, and appreciate the kindness in others. Create a domino effect, if you will! Thank you for your kind words…:)

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