The Benefits of Kindness


We all know the benefit of kindness to the recipient of a kind act or word. And we know we feel good when we do or say something kind. But did you know that there are actual health benefits for being kind? According to an article by Allen Luks, former executive director of the Institute for the Advancement of Health, there is a direct correlation between doing good and your health.  Just one example from his article “The Healing Power Of Doing Good: The Health And Spiritual Benefits Of Helping Others”:

Stress related health problems improve after performing kind acts. Helping others:

• Reverses feelings of depression.

• Supplies social contact.

• Reduces feelings of hostility and isolation that can cause stress, overeating, ulcers, etc.

 • Decreases the constriction in the lungs that leads to asthma attacks.

Read the full article – Healing Power of Doing Good

So start your fitness program today – be kind to someone!


One comment

  1. It’s open heart surgery for the soul! People need to rediscover kindness–both random and personal!

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