Words That Mean The Same Thing


Yes, that would be synonyms.  Since Kindness is so much on my mind as of late, I decided to look up the “official” definition and related synonyms in the thesaurus.  Here’s what I found:


Definition: Compassion, Generosity


Affection   Benevolence

Clemency  Consideration   Courtesy

Decency   Forbearance  Heart  Gentleness

Hospitality    Indulgence


Patience    Philanthropy

    Solicitude Sympathy  Tact  Tenderness


Understanding   Unselfishness

Wow – some pretty interesting words there.  Can you recall others thoughout your life that demonstrated one or more of these qualities to you?  Can you label yourself with one or more?  That’s my goal this year: to add these words not only to my vocabulary, but to my every day style of living. How about you?

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