New Year’s Resolution


You know, it’s funny how, since I thought of blogging on this subject, it is so at the forefront of everything I think about!  That’s a good thing, I guess – I stop myself when I want to get angry, or sarcastic, or…you fill in the blank for whatever you do.  I was also thinking about the timing of the start for the blog, New Year’s Day, a time to reflect and also a time to resolve to do things differently or better, for most of us.

And so – I really dislike New Year’s resolutions!  To me they seem trite, difficult to keep, and just the trendy thing to do. It seemed appropriate that with this new blog, with a renewed awareness of kindness to one another, to make this my resolution for 2012. To seek opportunities to be kind, even in the face of those circumstances that would deem me otherwise selfish or self-protecting. To think twice before I speak, especially to children. To find ways to be kind without necessarily giving away money (also a great thing but not the main point of kindness here).

What resolution can you make regarding kindness, or fairness, or love or community – or whatever it is that is truely important to you? How can you positively influence your corner of the world?  (Join the conversation on facebook – search for The Kindness Kronicles!)  And if you like this post please share it for others to ponder!

“Today you don’t have to be a world leader, celebrity, or even a billionaire to have an impact. We all have a role to play in changing the world. I’m resolving to make 2012 a year to think globally, get involved, and get things done. I hope others will make this their resolution as well.”  ~ Ted Turner, founder, CNN and the United Nations Foundation


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